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The Final Story

 Robertson Aussie Flag

Neil Robertson created history in becoming the first Australian to lift the world Championship at the Crucible Theatre He defeated 2006 champion Graeme Dott 18-13, in a tense battle at the

Bidding to join an elite group of multiple winners of the world championship, it was Graeme Dott who took the lengthy opener, in the final session of the 2010 World Championship.

Neil Robertson only the second Australian to appear in a Crucible final since the late Eddie Charlton, was quick to reply. With runs of 55 and 51 he restored his two frame lead at 13-11.

Dott who has displayed great resiliance throughout the tournament, rolled in his tenth fifty plus break of the match but Robertson responded with a confident 57 to go into the mid-session with his two frame advantage intact.

Hoping to become the first Australian to lift snooker's greatest prize, it was Robertson who extended his margin to three at 15-12. On potting frame ball, a very tough pink along the baulk cushion. The 28 year old punched the air in delight for his efforts in winning the 45 minute encounter.

Appearing in his third world final,the tenacious Scot proved again what a great competitor he his. Modest but solid visits of 42 and 30 helped the man from Larkhall again reduce his arrears at 15-13.

The winner of all four of the ranking event finals he has appeared in, Robertson edged closer to every snooker players ultimate goal. A 35 break being the major contribution in a 48 minute and longest frame of the match.

The winning line grew ever closer for the 'Thunder from Down Under'after taking the next, leaving him in a commanding position of four up with only five to play in opening a 17-13 lead.

When given the chance to add to his tally of ranking titles, Robertson did not waver from his task and closed the match with a run of 53 to be crowned the new World Champion.

Neil Robertson post match comments

That's not going to sink in for a while, well, maybe after a few vodka's it might though.

I seriously cannot believe it. It was such a titanic struggle of a match.

When you watch some finals you think how bad the standard is and the late finishes, but when your in the same position you realize how much pressure there is. The pressure before the final and during the final it's just incredible.

You feel it more at the world because while your out there your thinking will I get another chance in this situation.

I also had so many added pressures, because my Mum came over the day of the final, and I realized the potential of what impact it could have back home in Australia. To all the people back home and my family.

When I first came over to Cambridge, I had to be realistic and really you would not of thought I could have achieved what I've just done. I seariously cannot believe it.

It was fantastic to have my Mum there watching because she has never seen me play as a professional and it's these moments that you want to share with them. It would have been great for my Dad and brother to be here but that would have been asking too much.

My Mum had loads of courage and belief in me because she booked the flights from Australia when I was 15-9 up against Ali Carter. When I beat Ali I got a voicemail saying they where leaving Singapore.

Throughout the match I could never draw clear,I could never get into a good flow and pull away from Graeme...he just kept pulling me back.

I gave myself a little breathing space when I poted a great pink to go 15-12 but after that we both got a twitchy and tired. My personal opinion is that the final lasts too long, maybe it could be tweaked a little.

The matc hdidn't really come down to snooker skills in the end, it was more a case of who wanted it was just a titanic battle. There is one thing for sure I will sleep well tonight.

I was very surprized about John (Higgins ) on the front page of the papers, but I don't know enough about it, t ocomment really. I just had to focus on the final.

I did'nt feel it had taken the gloss off the final, because snooker is down the pecking order of sports and this was purely for me to promote the game back home. They will only be looking at the snooker tournament and nothing else.

With Barry Hearn coming in he has got a very direct approach and he issued a statement straight away. So I could'nt be more happier with his reaction. He is a million percent the man to be involved.

I am due to be a Dad very soon, maybe in a day or two so it's going to be a great time for me. It's just the icing on the cake. I did keep thinking that the snooker gods would not let me be a champion and a Dad in the same week, but it looks likes I will be, it's incredible. I'm sure I will be experiencing a few emotions over the next few days.

For the boys back home,"the drinks are on me, when I get home"

It was great to have the final broadcast live back home on Foxtel, that's awesome. For me that as been the problem why snooker as not been that popular back home in Australia, purely because of the lack of coverage.

It's great to have another champion from down under, England can have the Ashes I'll have the World Champioship.

My victory here will only be tarnished by other events off the snooker table, if the press want to tarnish my greatest achievement. I have no power over that. Your guys can make as juicy as you like or tone it down, its up to you.

Obviously when I came over to Cambridge for the firsd time with �500 in my pocket it was just survival, trying to win maybe �10k to get through the season. At times it was tough but I worked hard at my game and I've now reaped the rewards..

There is going to be added pressure on me being World Champion, but I've always conducted myself well. I think because I've been almost a role model for everbody back home. So it will not be a problem.

Graeme Dott post match comments

It happens in every final, today I wasn�t too bad. How I won six frames, I don�t know. I had maybe three or fours sleep max, after beating Mark Selby.

The first session adrenalin got me through but the second session, honestly how I stayed awake I don�t know.
If Mark hadn�t played so well and I had beaten him a bit easier I might have played better in the final.

I thought things would fall into place in the final, at no point did I play really well.
It�s difficult talking about other snooker related things when the World final is on but it didn�t make any difference to how I played.

I know it�s sounds strange but I�m not disappointed, there is nothing else I could have done. I tried as hard as everybody knows I could but there was nothing I could do that was going to change the outcome of the match.

I never felt relaxed or comfortable at any point, I tried everything during the match to gee myself up but I had no extra gear.

Against Mark Allen when I need three frames, I felt I could go ton, ton, ton but today there was nothing there.

4th May 2010, 14:35
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