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Selby Eases Past Doherty

 SElby at Crucible

Mark Selby defeated Ken Doherty 10-4 in convincing fashion at the World Championship.

Selby was soon to build on his 6-3 overnight lead against 1997 World Champion Ken Doherty, runs of 39 and 43 aiding his quest to reach round two of this years World Championship.

Doherty who is one of the games strongest tactical players,completely out of character,played a poor shot when trying to leave the cue ball in a safe area on the top cushion.

Selby weighed up the position, and then decided that he was able to pot a thin red. He chipped in the red and went on to construct yet another winning break, needing just two more frames to proceed to the secound round at 8-3.

Doherty the Darling of Dublin, rolled in his highest break of the tie, a 61 break in winning frame twelve and looked to be in good shape in the next. On a break of 37, he attempted to open the pack of reds from a black off the spot.The reds opened, but to his disappointment he failed to pot the black. Selby, who is proving to be one of the games toughest match players,accepted this gift with both hands, moving to within one frame of victory at 9-4 with a break of 80.

The 'Jester from Leicester' had to wait only another eight minutes to defeat the Dubliner. At his first opportunity Selby sealed the match with another solid frame winning visit. This time it was 81, breaking down on the eleventh black when on course for a maximum but he was obviously delighted in completing a very polished performance.

Post Match Reaction

Mark Selby Comments

Ken's a former winner so he's been there and done it so I knew he wasn't going to come out and freeze and I would have to be on top of my game otherwise I'd be going home.

There are no easy draws nowadays I suppose there are harder, playing Ken who is a former World Champion I knew it wasn't going to be easy. It would have been if I hadn't fallen over, once I'd potted frame ball and started thinking about it I collapsed like a cheap tent (referring to his maximum attempt).

The history, the roll of honour and knowing that you've made one would have been a massive honour.

I've proved it in the past that I've got the game to win it but it's very difficult to do over a two week period, it's a matter of trying to stay fresh and put in as much hard work as you can.

I did an interview back home before I came away and I could possibly play a former World Champion in every single round if I went on to win it, so quite an easy draw really. It's going to be a tough game in the next round whoever I play and the round after that, you expect that when you're playing the best players in the world.

Ken Doherty Comments

Obviously I'm disappointed to have got beat, but I'm also pleased to have qualified for the final stages and with the form that I've shown in the last couple of months.

I played ok out there, but I have got to put my hands up and say that I got beat by a player who is at the top of his game. Mark played great throughout the match. He scored heavy and consistantly, his safety was strong and tactically he is up there with the best.

It was tough for me out there over the two sessions because I was punished for every single error that I made, no matter how small the error was I got punished. I didnt miss many balls, but I was comprensively beaten by Mark, who has got a very good chance of winning the title this year. For me he is up there with the likes of O'Sullivan,Higgins,Ding and Williams.

There reception I received when I was introduced yesterday was fantastic. This is the place of my greatest achievment, and I was so pleased to return here that I kissed the carpet as if to say, "it's good to be back". I have so many good memories from the Crucible, that I will cherish.

I'm looking forward to next season and hopefully more tournaments to play in, it will be nice not to be a part-time professional. Obviously the players have got a lot to think about this month, with the proposal that Barry Hearn has put forward. We need to get answers to all our questions. So we will have to see what the outcome is.

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